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Apr. 12th, 2011 08:25 am
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I am turning 21 next friday and there is only one thing I'm really looking forward to. No, it's not being able to (legally) drink alcohol or having a big party (I don't do birthday parties; I'd stress out over every detail) but eating really delicious tasting birthday cake XD 

...only thing is I have no idea what to get -_-'....

I've done every kind of cake I'd like to eat. Ice cream cake, giant Mrs. Fields cookie cake, red velvet cake, german chocolate cake, cheesecake, tres leche cake, chocolate mousse cake, oreo cookies and cream cake,  marble cake, strawberry cake... great now I just made myself hungry.

Anyhoo, here's my rant of the week.

Dear S***ley Elementary School Librarian,

No, I am not a really tall 5th grader. I am twenty years old and a volunteer at your school. I know I don't look my age and I have used that to my advantage before but really.... "a really tall 5th grader"? Come on! I hope you're proud of yourself! One of my students actually had to pat me on the back and tell me it was okay.


Dear S***ley Elementary School Computer Tech Assistant,

For the last time... NO I AM NOT A FIFTH GRADER! For gods sakes read the badge hanging around my neck. I am a volunteer in college not a grade school midget. Should I write across my forehead "I am 20 years old"? Is that the only way people will recognize my true age?


Dear Creepy Old Barber At My Beauty Salon,

It is not a complement when you say that if you were a few years younger you'd take me out. First off: EWWWW!!! Creeper! Secondly: just last month you said I looked 14! And third: EWWWWW!!!!! Pedo! Stop flirting with me and my mom!


Dear Magical Girl Fanboy,

Stop giggling to yourself while watching anime. I enjoy Japanese cartoons as much as the next otaku but please stop broadcasting your love of 2-D girls to the entire computer lab. Muttering to the screen is very distracting when I am trying to finish a biology computer lab assignment. Take your fanboy love to another room.

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